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Find Your Voice

Did you know your voice, body language, and facial expressions instantly show others whether you’re shy, nervous or confident?

So let me ask… are you presenting yourself in the most effective, fulfilling and confident way possible?

7 Sins of Public Speaking

Just the thought of speaking in public may have you breaking out in a sweat and ready to run … but don’t despair, help is at hand!

Not only will you learn the do’s and don’ts of public speaking at this talk, you’ll learn the Holistic Approach to Public Speaking.

Online Courses

This Course is Coming Soon

Discover how to analyze the negative affectations in your own voice and of those around you.  And learn to identify the emotional pattern creating your vocal bad habits.

“Elisa has been a fantastic voice coach and her sessions have helped me tremendously with both speaking & voice to camera work. She gave me tools & skills to not only improve but also to continually improve in this field.”

– Gary Carroll

“The last 3 years of my life would never have been as amazing and as adventurous if I hadn’t found you!! Elisa finally made my dreams a reality. Thank you, Elisa, for being a great mentor!!”

– Adriana Zabala – International Cabaret Singer USA
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